Why Does My Dog Hide Under The Bed

Why Does My Dog Hide Under The Bed

Do you have a dog that likes to hide under the bed? If so, there’s a good chance that your dog is trying to protect you from potential danger. A lot of dogs do this instinctively, and it’s not just with burglars – sometimes they’re just trying to protect their owners from things like an attacking cat or other animal. Here’s why your dog might be hiding under the bed, and what you can do to help them feel comfortable and safe in your house.

Origins of Hiding Behavior in Dogs

Dogs have been selectively bred to be loyal and obedient to humans for centuries, but some dogs still choose to hide under beds or in other tight spaces when they feel scared or threatened. This behavior can be traced back to the dog’s wild ancestor, the wolf.

When wolves are feeling threatened, they willoften hideundersomeones bed or in another tight space to avoid being noticed and attacked. In fact, wolves will frequently “mark” their territory by urinating or defecating under a bed, tree, or other object as a way of communicating to other pack members that this is their turf.

Over time, humans have selectively bred certain behaviors into many different dog breeds, including hiding under beds. Many dog owners believe that hiding behavior is a sign of trust and submission on the part of the dog, but it’s actually just a natural reaction to feeling scared and threatened. If you’re constantly reprimanding your dog for hiding under the bed, you’re likely only making things worse. Instead, try training your dog with positive reinforcement techniques like obedience training or crate training to help him overcome his fear of abandonment.

Causes of Hiddenness in Dogs

There are many reasons why your dog may hide under the bed. Here are a few of the most common causes:

Fear or anxiety: If your dog is experiencing fear or anxiety, it may behave in ways that include hiding. This can be triggered by anything from loud noises to unfamiliar people or animals.

Nervousness around new people or surroundings: If your dog is constantly on edge around new people or places, it may try to hide when these situations arise. This could be because it feels intimidated or scared.

Separation anxiety: A dog who is struggling with separation anxiety may become very anxious and try to hide when you leave it alone. This could be due to a lack of trust in humans or a feeling of estrangement from you.

Treatment Options for Hidden Dog Syndrome

There are a few different treatment options available for people whose dogs hide under the bed or furniture. If your dog is displaying classic signs of hidden dog syndrome, such as being shy and avoiding physical contact, then you may want to start by trying some behavior modification techniques. You could try positive reinforcement training, where you reward your dog for behaving in a specific way, such as sitting or laying down. You could also try clicker training, which is a type of reinforcement training that uses a clicker sound to signal the dog when it has performed a desired action.
If your dog is displaying some of the other behaviors associated with hidden dog syndrome, such as pacing or whining, then you may want to visit a veterinary clinic. Most veterinary clinics have specialists who can diagnose and treat hidden dog syndrome.


If you’re like many pet owners, you’ve probably wondered why your dog tends to hide under the bed when something spooks them. There are a few things to consider: Dogs evolved as pack animals and humans have inadvertently helped to reinforce this behavior by providing them with shelter and security. When something scares or threatens your dog, it instinctually dives beneath the bed for protection. As long as there is enough room under the bed for your dog to curl up in safety, they should be fine. However, if there isn’t enough space and your dog feels trapped or claustrophobic, they may try to hide underneath the bed in order to escape. If this happens regularly and begins causing problems such as excessive barking or hiding during thunderstorms, it might be time to get your dog a proper kennel so that he or she can feel secure without needing to resort to hiding under beds.


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